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Project "Symphony of Life" | Проект «Симфонія життя»
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Project “Symphony of Life” | Проект «Симфонія життя»

…to hear the world around

“Symphony of Life” – to hear the world around

All Ukraine

started 22.6.2018

Project is realized by PU “Association of Rotary Clubs of Ukraine”

In developed countries, there is a system for auditory screenings of newborns and appropriate early intervention. In Ukraine, there is no system of early detection of hearing impairment. Diagnostic and therapeutic options in Ukraine are limited.
As a result, hearing impairment is detected quite late, which often leads to irreparable consequences. Our task is to create an opportunity for early diagnosis of hearing impairment of newborn babies and timely clinical intervention.

A child who will be able to hear the world can talk to this world. This is a project on how everyone has the right to get a chance to escape from the silence of the world. We have the strong determination to do our best, but we need support from International Rotary Society to make it possible… There are 488 million hearing-impaired people in the world. On average, 3-4% of newborn babies are born with a hearing impairment.For today in Ukraine, there is no state support of screening of newborns. Therefore, hearing disorders can be diagnosed and at the age of 4-5 years. In the family, hears, often parents may not even suspect that they may have deaf children. They lose time and wait until 2-3 years until the child starts talking. This leads to terrible consequences, because a late diagnosis of hearing loss is a missed opportunity, including timely cochlear implantation, and to minimize the lag in the child’s hearing-speech development. On the queue for the Cochlear Implants operation (NU “Institute of Otolaryngology named after Prof. О.S.Kolomiichenko NAMC of Ukraine”) – 415 children (up to 22.05.2018). In Ukraine, ~ 5-8% of the population suffers hearing impairment.



And what about the world?

A modern development of technology and the creation of appropriate diagnostic equipment can detect hearing impairment at any age, even in newborns. Hearing screening for newborns and young children is a standardized procedure for hearing research designed to quickly and reliably detect children who are very likely to have a hearing impairment. Having implemented the system of early diagnosis and providing children with timely cochlear implantation, we will have fewer children with hearing and speech problems. We want to purchase hearing diagnostic devices in premature infants for the department for nursing preterm infants of the Zhytomyr Regional Hospital and the Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Ukrainian NAMH – IPAG (like other Ukrainian hospitals) that do not yet have hearing diagnostic devices for children.

The purpose of the “Symphony of Life” project is to purchase 17 hearing diagnostic devices from newborn children in Ukrainian regional hospitals, which do not yet have hearing diagnostic devices for children. Each of your contributions is to help the following hospitals and thousands of children:

  • 1. Kyiv Regional Children’s Hospital
  • 2. Kirovograd (Kropiwnicki) Perinatal Center
  • 3. Odessa Perinatal Center
  • 4. Poltava Perinatal Center
  • 5. Sumy Perinatal Center
  • 6. Ternopil Perinatal Center
  • 7. Kharkov City Perinatal Center
  • 8. Khmelnitsky Perinatal Center
  • 9. Kherson Regional Children’s Hospital
  • 10. Cherkassy Perinatal Center
  • 11. Chernigov City Perinatal Center
  • 12. Chernovitsky Perinatal Center
  • 13. Vinnytsia Perinatal center
  • 14. Volynsky Perinatal Center
  • 15. Dneprovsky Perinatal Center
  • 16. Zhytomyr Perinatal Center
  • 17. Ivano-Frankivsk Perinatal Center

Look at our video that we, together with our partners, have done in support of children with hearing problems. 

And make your contributions that will help children.



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